Doctus Provides Medical Coding Services to Hospitals and Speciality Physicians with timely , high Quality Medical Coding Solutions. Our core competency lies in providing high quality medical coding services for all medical specialties and subspecialties.

By partnering in Remote Medical Coding services with Doctus, You get:

  • Expert, certified coders that is specific and dedicated to your needs and practice
  • A process that is tailored to each client’s policies and protocols
  • A process to identify documentation issues and how to avoid them
  • Optimized revenue while reducing compliance risk
  • Increase cash flow by reducing lag days and improving claims submission
  • Reduced administrative burden and expenses
  • Workflow management system that supports the coding process and tracks every record, code and status


Compliance is the key to our business in every department. Doctus strictly complies with HIPAA. Every employee is trained to adhere to stringent security procedures and guidelines to protect the data entrusted to us and handle your medical record coding with the utmost in confidentiality and security. We are committed to providing accurate, aggressive and ethical coding, that is compliant under government and insurance regulations. In short, our medical coding specialists work to ensure your maximum reimbursement, without leaving you subject to audit.

Doctus’s expertise in healthcare documentation, compliance standards, coding capabilities and our investments in skills up-gradation of our resources have established us as the preferred service provider for marquee clients.

Key highlights of our Coding Centre of Excellence are:

  • Doctus’s AAPC amd AHIMA certified coding team is proficient with CPT, ICD, HCPCS level II and DRG codes across various specialties.
  • The coders complete a comprehensive training program and are involved in continuing education programs.
  • Assurance in maintaining coding policies and procedures, appropriate and accurate managed contract advice and reports.


Doctus’s pool of highly skilled Medical Coders has worked on multi-speciality and multi-disciplinary requirements. The following are some specialities that we have worked with although we are not limited to these specialities:

  • Inpatient Coding
  • Ambulatory Surgery Coding
  • OPV Coding
  • Emergency Room Coding
  • Medical coding auditsConsulting

Quality Control:

Files are audited by a certified senior coding staff who checks on the accuracy of the codes assigned. Our quality assurance team verifies that the charts for up-coding or down-coding will ensure maximum reimbursement and fewer or no denials.

ICD 10 Ready:

ICD-9 is going to be old hat on October 1, 2015. The new classification system will come with more than 141,000 different codes, a significant expansion from the mere 17,000 codes available in ICD-9. The transition to ICD-10 is a comprehensive undertaking that impacts every facet of the billing and coding business.

Our Coders received Advanced training on Anatomy Pathophysiology and in ICD 10. and are regularly going through Pre-implementation Knowledge assessments. Our coders Dual Code ICD 9 and ICD 10 every day to stay in practice and Continuing Education. Our coders are ready for the Transition.